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Now Available: Primary And Preventive Care Services

We’ve got great news. Amazon Care is now offering even more healthcare services to care for you and your family.

We’ve been listening to our customers and working to add features and services based on your feedback. Now you can:

  • See us for primary and preventive care services by starting a visit in the app.
  • Build an ongoing relationship with your Care Team, a dedicated group of clinicians.
  • Have more options for when to get care: schedule an appointment or start a visit on-demand
  • Message with your clinician directly from the app for any follow-up questions

We’re bringing you more of what you love about Amazon Care – quality time with clinicians, care on your schedule, and healthcare that is centered around you.

We want to keep you healthy, and that goes beyond moments of sickness or discomfort. We believe health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and it deserves some attention, even when you’re feeling good. We can help you take the steps you need to start your path to staying healthy, today and in the future. Here’s how:

  • Ongoing Care: Many of us face chronic health conditions, and having a trusted team on your side can make a big difference in your daily life. If asthma is keeping you from the gym, anxiety or depression is causing sleepless nights, or even if you just feel a little “off” and want to understand more, schedule a visit with a Care Team today. They’ll listen to your experiences and concerns, diagnose issues, and provide you with the consistent and compassionate treatment and follow up you deserve. Care Teams are able to help you manage:
  • ~Asthma
  • ~Mild to moderate anxiety and depression
  • ~Hypertension
  • ~Coronary artery disease
  • ~Diabetes
  • ~And more
  • Preventive Care: It’s never too early to take steps to reduce your risk of future health issues. Your Care Team will take the time to get to know you and understand your medical history, your lifestyle, your health goals, and more to determine the care that’s right for you that will keep you healthier for longer. We offer services for preventive care, including:
  • ~Screening such as blood counts, metabolic panels, blood pressure, and more
  • ~Immunizations, from annual flu shots to keeping you up to date on routine care
  • ~Lifestyle steps tailored to you
  • ~Guidance on staying well with joint care visits, back pain, and more
  • Lifestyle & Wellness: You can feel your best. We can partner with you to identify your personal health goals and figure out where to start. Don’t hesitate to ask us about issues like sleep, exercise, pre-pregnancy planning, sexual health, nutrition, or smoking cessation. We’ll provide the resources, treatment, and follow up needed to help improve your all-around wellbeing.
  • Care Coordination: We can be your first stop when it comes to your care needs. When we can’t resolve your concerns through our services, we will guide you to resources or referrals to experts for specialized care, such as cancer screening, osteoporosis screening, and psychiatric disorders.

For minors (under the age of 18), care coordination can also help with identifying resources for:

  • Well child exams
  • STI testing
  • Birth control and other family planning services
  • Outpatient support for mental health or substance abuse issues
  • School or sports physicals

To make the most of our new services, get connected with a Care Team. We’ve expanded our definition of what a Care Team means for our customers. Now you can rely on a dedicated group of doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses who will get to know you and provide you with the ongoing care you deserve, whether it’s helping you get a better night’s sleep or walking you through a preventive screening that spots an issue before it becomes serious. Your Care Team will continue to be here for you, as part of your community. When you visit us, you’ll see their familiar faces again and again. You don’t have to go on your health journey alone.

Want to get started with your Care Team? You’ll begin by connecting to a registered nurse for 15-25 minutes via video to get to know you, your history, and your goals to set up your Care Team.

Here’s what you need to know about your Care Team:

  • They’ll know you personally. Clinicians can’t do their best job if they don’t understand a patient’s history, specific needs, and goals. Your Care Team will be made up of 4 doctors or nurse practitioners and 3 registered nurses, all of whom will take the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, and provide you and your family with continuity of care.
  • You can contact them in the app. In addition to scheduled visits, you can follow up with your Care Team by sending a message in the app anytime; they’ll always get back to you within 24 hours. You can start a virtual visit with a care provider 24/7. Amazon Care will route you to clinicians on your dedicated Care Team whenever possible. To ensure that your care needs are addressed without the wait, we always have clinicians on demand anytime, day or night.
  • They’ll address both your short- and long-term needs and goals. Your Care Team will be there to treat sudden illness or minor injury, but they also want to help you live your healthiest life and achieve your wellness goals overtime. Whether you’re interested in better managing lingering stress or want some tips for avoiding preventable illness that runs in your family, your Care Team can work with you to make manageable plans for your ongoing health journey.

Click here to establish a relationship with your Care Team now.

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Care Team available for virtual care or questions 7 days a week through the app*
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In-person follow-up care when you need it

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